Contracting Made Simple

8(a) Contracting Ease and Benefits

NHO8(a) classification offers clear advantages to the Government

  • Contracting with NHO 8(a)s help to satisfy DoD’s small business and 8(a) contracting goals
  • Customer can negotiate a direct SBA, 8(a) sole source award 13 CFR 124.110 establishes Sole Source award authority up to $24.5 Million for 5 years; Department of Defense (DoD), ARS Tracking Number: 2020-O0009, Class Deviation valued at $100 million or less, contracting officers are not required to execute a justification and obtain approval for award of a sole source contract under the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program. Contracting officers shall use the threshold of $100 million in lieu of the $24.5 million threshold at Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.302-5(b)(4), 6.303-1(b), 6.303-2(d), and 19.808-1(a).
  • No competitive thresholds for NHO 8(a) set asides
  • Sole-source procurements to an NHO 8(a) may not be protested
  • Conversion of any activity or function of the Department of Defense under the authority to an NHO 8(a) is credited toward any competitiveness or outsourcing goal, target, or measurement
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